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VCSTL Bible Study

2017 Bible Study Program

We are excited to announce that Session #1 classes of 2017 is off to an awesome start! More than one hundred and fifty students are vigorously engaged in the study of God's Word. We are pleased to offer three new classes this session: (1) Church History, (2) Biblical Wellness, and (3) Called to Teach-Advanced. Open registration for Session #2 classes will begin the week of Sunday, February 12, 2017 and close the week of Sunday, March 12, 2017. Students may choose to take more than one class.
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For clarification of class descriptions and to learn more about the Bible Study Program download the curriculum guide.

If you have questions contact or call the church office 618.394.0559.


The VCSTL Bible Study Program will hold the first graduation ceremonies the

***April 1-2, 2017***



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Let us know if you have questions or need further support concerning Bible study.